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Often, the first data related step to effective life cycle management begins with Existing Conditions capture to adequately assess the condition and number of assets to be implemented into the system.
We utilize HDS Laser Scanning (also called Terrestrial LiDAR), UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems), and photogrammetry, collectively called Reality Capture, to provide the data from which Existing Conditions can be assessed.  

Through UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems), and HDS (High Definition Survey) Laser Scanning, also known as Terrestrial LiDAR, we can deliver very high spatial and temporal resolution imagery and point clouds for a variety of products and applications. 

  • Rapid Existing Conditions 3D Modelling and As-Builts

  • Condition Inspections (Pavement, Telecommunications, Facilities)

  • Certified Topographic Surveys and Contours

  • Land Use/Cover Maps

  • NDVI Maps and Analysis

  • Thermal Imagery and Analysis

  • Environmental Area Documentation

  • Construction/Site Monitoring and Time-lapse Videography

From pre-flight and pre-scan planning through post processing, our team focuses on delivering the best product for your project.  We not only collect the data, but we also fully process it to make it consumable, understandable, and actionable for our customers.  

Hybridizing UAS and Laser Scanning workflows effectively can greatly reduce the cost and time required to capture, process, and utilize the data compared to more traditional means and methods. 

Our 14CFR Part 107 certified sUAS remote pilots stay up to date on all rules and regulations surrounding the use of drones commercially, and take their influence on the community and regulations very seriously.


The real magic occurs when our Systems Analysts process the data captured in the field and turn it into information that can be consumed and used by you, our client.  Scripts and algorithms paired with specialized software transform the pixels of data into a usable database repository of information that is then transformed into a 3D model, or spliced and shared in a simplified version with only the data our clients need to perform their tasks.  

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